Four Christmases = Birth Control


One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch tons of movies. Usually, me and the home town gang see pretty much all of them before the break is done. West Virginia definitely isn't as full of entertainment options as Philadelphia, but luckily movie prices are a little cheaper. So yesterday, Kerri and I decided to kick off break with a Christmas movie: Four Christmases. 

The movie follows an almost annoyingly happy couple, Brad and Kate, as they get caught in their lie about doing community service over the holidays and are forced to visit all 4 sets of families (both characters' parents were divorced and remarried). Despite a pretty low rating on rotten tomatoes (24%) I found this movie surprisingly hilarious. Between the backwoods 'semi professional' fighter family (I died when the brother's girlfriend served Beer-mosas!), the cougar den, and the over the top reenactment of the nativity there were many laughs to be had. And Vaughn definitely made the movie with his signature rambles.

This movie, however, definitely made me terrified at the prospect of ever having kids. Between the many scenes of baby spit up and the pandemonium in the moon bounce, it definitely made me grateful to be the youngest in my family for the holidays. 

Although not a must see, this film was definitely a good time. However, the only real Christmas thing about it is that you know it's Christmas and there are occasional decorations. It didn't do much to get me in the holiday spirit. 

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