All You Can Eat Wings Tuesday!


I am constantly amazed by the differences between my two lives. I go to school for most of the year in the 'big city' of Philadelphia. Two odd months of the year I spend with my parents in Charleston, West Virginia. The other night I went out and experienced a typical West Virginia night on the town at Quaker Steak and Lube for Tuesday's all you can eat wing night. 

Before arriving home, I went out to Smoke's, the 'cool' bar on Penn's campus, and was quickly turned off by how packed, and sticky, and loud it was. I really just wanted to enjoy by blue moon (siiiiigh) in peace without having to guard the glass with my life and screaming at my friend who was sitting beside me. After being touched by some creepy drunk behind me, I had to peace after being there only 20 minutes (at least the cover is only 1 dollar!). 

At Quaker steak, they have revolutionized the pitcher. Instead, you are served with a 3 liter cylinder of beer, tap included. Although surrounded by guys who look like they'd come here on a motorcycle (There IS a Harley night…), the servers were very attentive, giving me new flavors of wings and replenishing the lube tube regularly. 

The place definitely has character. The walls are covered in car parts and our side even had a pink convertible chained to it. All the menu items are named after car parts as well. But, even so, I could hear all the conversations (planning new years, nip/tuck season 6, and going to the race track to play table games!) and unlike city bars, the servers actually paid attention to you. All in all a good Tuesday night. 

Plus, any place who gives you a hand full of twizzlers to cap off your night couldn't be that bad.

2 responses to “All You Can Eat Wings Tuesday!

  1. karen, this photo is too cute. too cute. i miss you dearieee šŸ™‚

  2. Awww, you’re too cute! thanks babe! And, I know you’re not going to want to
    hear this, but….I’m starting to really like Jacob! Don’t worry, I’m still
    on Team Edward, he has just been really good to her is all : )

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