A Pajama Day!


I decided that every once in a while, you just need a pajama day. As the name implies, it is a day where you stay in your bed time clothes all day and enjoy being a sloth. It has been so unnerving this last week getting used to having no real obligations (except for starting some of my Santa duties…oops!). All my classes are done and all my graduate school applications are now 100% complete. All that is left is waiting…so, I might as well try to enjoy the time.

So what have I been doing? Mainly rereading the Twilight books. Yesterday was rough, reading the beginning of New Moon (but I won't spoil it for anyone out there!). I've decided to reread some of my favorite book series-es (?!) over break. One thing I really like about series-es (?!), is that I got into most of them early on, so I got a chance to grow up with the books. I feel like they became a part of me that way. Anne of Green Gable especially, helped develop my random imaginative personality. So it will be fun going back. I've also been organizing my computer (finally), making lots of nifty folders for pictures and school files. It was nice reliving some pretty LEGENDARY nights of the past two years. 

Sadly, my day also had a little bit too much Geo Challenge, a facebook application quizzing you on countries, flags, cities, and landmarks. I don't even like geography but I'm obsessed trying to beat my friends' scores! I would tell you for your own good, not to add the application…but….I kinda want to beat you too. So, make your own call ; )

What have you guys been up to on your lazy hazy winter break days? I love to hear from you all, keep the comments coming.

Peace Love Joy, 

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