Rudolph with your nose so bright…


There's nothing like a good Christmas special to help you get into the spirit of Christmas. I was out shopping for a ornament to give my brother's fiance for Christmas and was immediately attracted to this ornament of Rudolph and Hermie (the elf!) from the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer movie. Given all I felt, it seemed like the best movie of all time in my head. I remembered how awesome it was for Hermie to want to be a dentist (I love the nerds!) and how cute it was when Rudolph flies for the first time after meeting Clarise shouting "I'm CUUUUUUUTE I'm CUUUUUUUUTE!" So one impulse purchase in Target later, I had a DVD of the movie in hand. 

I watched it last night, and it was pretty cool. It's weird watching something that was obviously made in 1964. It was so raw and unaffected by the digital age, which kind of made it all the more touching. All the characters were so warm and giving at the end….it's the kind of stuff I haven't felt a lot of this year. And the nerd/dentist saved the day! The movie really high fives the misfits out there. The one downside was that Santa was pretty much a bitch, so I don't know if we have quite the same relationship right now as we used to. 

Anyway, enjoy these last few days, pop in the Grinch or Charlie Brown and enjoy the spirit of the season : )


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