I write to you with aching wrists and thumbs. Well, aching is a bit of an exaggeration, but definitely tired wrists and thumbs. My brother and his fiance were here the last couple days so Santa decided to drop off some of his gifts a little early to accommodate them and I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii! I'm basically ecstatic, I've waited for this day for two years. So I've been having fun developing my tennis and guitar skills, I'll be ready to be a formidable component come January. I'll no longer have the "I don't have one" excuse to throw out. 

Yesterday I went on quite a little adventure with my buddy Andrew. We were in search of a third dose of High School Musical 3, and it was only playing in one sketch theater in a town about an hour away. After making some interesting turns and parking in some….interesting alleys we got to the place and it was only 3 dollars! Talk about a nice surprise. Moreover, we got free dessert ("to go" even!) at dinner because of late arriving bread sticks at Olive Garden. Even though Nathan (the waitor) said they were due to the bread sticks, I really think a big part of it was my expert flirting skills. Upon being seated I asked Nathan for "a glass of their FINEST water" and I think that won him over. Honestly, after I said that I had trouble looking him in the face without blushing. I'll have to practice my waitor flirting skills and build up some confidence for next time. I want more freebies!

FYI, there are pretty sweet sales on DVDs at Best Buy right now. All HBO series are 50%  off. So, If I were you I'd check that shit out. I was this close (*gestures*) to buying some Sex in the City or Entourage. 

Happy EVE EVE of Christmas : )

2 responses to “Kar-wii!

  1. since you have a mii on my wii i hope i get a mii on your wii! merry christmas to the best karaoke date ever!

  2. You can totally get a mii, but I must warn you: I made mii’s of all the
    Cullens (from Twilight) so you’ll be in the company of lots of vampires : D

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