Camo and cat masks: A Corridor G Adventure


Today I spent the day catching up with fellow ivy leaguer, Billy, doing our usual circuit of Panera bread salads and rummaging through random corridor G shops. Today's stops were Target, Home Goods (a shop that looks like 4 grandmas' houses threw up inside) and Gander Mountain (yay hunting?). 

Today I was definitely a rebel, between putting diet coke in my coffee cup at Panera (it smoked!), entering Target through the forbidden shopping cart entrance (total BAMF!), and sneaking into a Gander Mountain dressing room (with Billy) to try on some awesome looking 'leafy' camo. We tried to leave the dressing room in shifts, but I really doubt we escaped looking like we hadn't just completed an interesting sexual encounter in the outhouse/stable-like small wooden room. 

Some of out interesting finds of the day: feathered cat masks and alka seltzer-like tablets that turn into moist towelettes in water. We decided it would almost be worth the five dollar price to casually drop in a tablet while dining with friends and clean your hands and observe how people react. 

It's really nice to catch up with him- I feel like he gets what it's like to come from my school environment to here in West Virginia, and of course the ivy league 'dating' culture (more accurately, the culture of not dating, but enjoying the occasional stress relief sexual encounter). Ehhh, I think we're both going to make it big one day! 


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