Cullen Family Mii’s

I had so much fun doing this. For the people who really live under a rock: Miis are the characters you can make to represent you when playing games on Nintendo Wii. If you are a fan of the Twilight series you may get some of my bizarre humor: Jasper has a hard time with his cravings so he looks kinda psycho with black eyes and Rosalie is always bitchy to Bella so I made her look as such. Anyway, enjoy! And send me requests and comments 😛

Anyone notice who is conveniently missing? hehe. 


3 responses to “Cullen Family Mii’s

  1. My five year old discovered the Mii’s part of the Wii. She has made over 50 Miis. They all have names and different characteristics. Instead of playing the games she just plays with the Miis.

  2. Awesome miis! lol.. Jasper looks constipated lol lol!! 😛

  3. Thanks! Haha, and yeah, Jasper is my favorite for that reason. Luckily the
    other Mii’s of Mii-land seemed to have sort of accepted him for that 😛

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