Dropping Balls

I feel like new years celebrations are kind of over rated. I never have nearly as much fun as 'society' seems to expect from me. However, I did ring in the new year with a pretty tasty drink concoction (barenjager, champagne, and peach schnapps), my first keg stand (and my first keg stand injury…my knees kinda hurt still), and a good hour of not having pants on. We all went into the hot tub, and pretty much no one brought a swim suit, so I spent the rest of the night with an over-sized shirt of Gabe's that had a bunch of stuff in Hebrew on it. The party was a little awkward since I didn't know hardly anyone there, but I made some fun of my own and it was a good time. 

By magic, I did get a fifth taste of the Twilight movie to start the year with last night. It was a great way to start 2009. I'd never gone that long without seeing it, and was delighted how good it felt to refresh my memory. The sexy dangerous driving of the shiny Volvo…sexual tension in biology lab…..the baseball scene……Billy telling us how he keeps it real…Edward crushing the car…….the piano……THE KISS…..the "Bella, you are my life now." I eat that shit up. I also enjoyed having McKayle there to swoon and analyze with. I can't wait for the DVD release, but will definitely miss seeing Rob big screen. 

What'd you do for the New Year? Any crazy stories or fun firsts? 


2 responses to “Dropping Balls

  1. Karen, I love being name-checked in your blog! I am still swooning over last night’s showing (alas, only my fourth). I def had a dream about Edward’s sexy driving.

  2. Totes, I may have to get a shiny volvo of my own one day. And four times is
    totally respectable : )

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