One of my favorite things to do is watch TV with my little sister Jen. Before I get too many "wtf Karen"'s, by little sister I mean a totally non-blood sorority tradition type of connection. And by "watch TV" I mean, well, yes, I watch TV, so scratch that. I guess, what I mean is that by "with" is that we both sign on to gchat/aim and discuss the show as it goes on and give little interjections at shocking moments. It's a good way to reconnect over long breaks. Today, Gossip Girl was on the menu, back from a month long hiatus that had me worrying about one of the sexiest characters on television: Chuck Bass. I have been texting one of the characters key phrases, "I AM CHUCK BASS" to her intermittently over the break, so I was glad we finally got to see what happened to him. I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but….I'm happy, and even teared up a little. 

We are even both DVR-ing the Bachelor as we speak so we can watch it together tomorrow. Yes, make fun of me, but the Bachelor gives me pretty immense joy. Even thought the relationships are a little forced, the romantic situations really make my heart swell and dream of my own happy ending. Yes, that's how the TV producers suck us women-folk in, but if you can't beat'em, join'em. 

Anyway, it makes TV a little bit more fun, to have people to share it with. Isn't that what the holidays are all about? 

2 responses to “I’m CHUCK BASS!

  1. omg the Bachelor! I love Jason! I always wanted him to win last season of the Bachelorette but I’m glad he gets his chance now!

  2. Oh my! I didn’t know you were a bachelor fan too! That’s exciting. We all
    have to watch together : )

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