The Bachelor: A Fond Guilty Pleasure

So, yesterday Jen and I had our long distance Bachelor viewing experience. Despite how ridiculous I felt, it was actually a fun time. Both of us were also watching with members of our respective families, so we both had to offer some sort of explanation for the pausing and syncing up we had to do with the DVR recordings in order to watch together. I don't think my mom ever really got it, but luckily she played along. I snickered pretty much every commercial break as we both announced when we were set fast forwarding and then IM'd "GO!" so we could press play at the exact moment.

But, we got to talk smack about all the girls and their attire, in typical sorority girl fashion. One of the girls who somehow got the 'first impression rose' was literally wearing what could only be described as a sparkly trash bag looking dress. She did look uncannily similar to Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) so I kind of forgave her. Overall, I thought there were too many sparkles and animal prints and women who needed to check themselves and regain control of their boobs. Stacy and Clinton would probably have a stroke if they were watching. Also, too many women tried to come up with a gimmick to be noticed. Gimmicks are fine, but at least pick something classy (aka not a cheesy dance or fixing a hot dog in the middle of a cocktail party). Personally, I think being hot, fun, and sociable would be the best gimmick to have, but that's just me. 

I think what's great about the show, is they pick a guy pretty much anyone could fall in love with: nice, family-oriented, good job, good body, nice smile. Jason has an adorable little boy and is a great father so that just makes us girl go that much more crazy for him. So you have America loving him, then you put 15 girls in a house together all fighting for one guy to create drama and cat fights. It's a pretty great recipe, and has obviously been working for them since they've reenacted the same scenario at least 15+ times by now. It is definitely a guilty pleasure I don't plan on giving up any time soon. 

Anyone else watch and have a favorite moment or girl? I'm personally rooting for Kary from Kansas! 

One response to “The Bachelor: A Fond Guilty Pleasure

  1. Just came across you blog. I go to school in Philly as well!
    I am in love with this show. I did a post about the ridiculousness of it the day after it aired too, lol.
    Right now I’m rooting for Melissa. I think she’s adorable, and pretty much the only normal one!

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