How Unlimited Texting Has Changed My Life

Just one month ago I had one of THOSE phones. A phone that can basically just answers calls, text if you have a lot of patience for multiple clicks through all the letters, and perhaps snap a photo or two if you don't care about the lack of resolution. I mean it did everything a phone HAS to do, it was just four years old and not very pretty. I had a fairly minimal plan too. I was one of those people who were anxious every time they received a text and didn't usually respond. 

Even so, I didn't really care. My mom offered to get me a new one last year, and I was like "Ehhhh, it does everything I need it to. I don't need to be in that much contact with people anyway." But, after getting my new phone with a full keyboard and an unlimited texting plan, I have realized how wrong I was. 

1. I Beat Boredom 
Life is filled with time killing moments. Maybe you are waiting for an appointment or for your class to start, being driven somewhere, or just looking for a distraction as you begin focusing on your work. I have found that at these moments I can text something pretty random to a few people and usually start up a couple conversations. The entertainment texting has given me for those gaps in my life has been my favorite part.

2. I Can Have Sneaky Conversations
So, you are having a conversation with a group and something reminds you of something you wanted to ask one of your friends that you can't exactly bring up in front of everyone at the moment. If you are subtle about it, you can easily text and get a response. It has definitely come in handy for me. Although, my friends have taken advantage of this a bit with their frequent texts when I'm on a date.

3. I Stay Connected
I just got through with my Winter Break from school and now at school I am separated from a lot of my hometown friends. It's been an easy way to stay connected with them since texting is much less time consuming than a long phone chat if you're busy. I have found that I've been able to stay in touch better with almost everyone now and have avoided playing 'phone tag' all the time when dealing with everyone's busy schedules. 

4. Now, Service Isn't As Important
I come from a kind of middle of nowhere city and my house has maybe one bar of service if I'm lucky. So, I always cringe when people call me, knowing that inevitably we will get disconnected several times before all the necessary information is exchanged. With texting, it doesn't matter as much, one bar is all I need. 

5. Send Mass Information
If you want to find a group to hang out with that night, mass texts are a lot easier than mass phone calls. It's easier to recruit people to meet me at the bar if I feel like I need more company. 

6. Don't Worry About Interruptions 
I don't know about you, but I often procrastinate calls due to the fear of interrupting something: sleep, dinner, work, meeting, what have you. With texts, you're not as big of an interruption and it's easier for people to respond on their own time table. Therefore, staying connected has been that much easier.
Given the above, I was really wrong before. Although texting is replacing a lot of voice messaging, I don't think it's such a bad thing anymore. If texting helps us get over our conversational fears of being annoying or irrelevant, I say bring it on. 

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