Life from the Sorority Front Lines (Day 1)

The beginning of winter semester at Penn means it is also time for all the Freshman boys and girls to start trying to become part of Greek life. For the boys, it means roaming the streets and being lured into different frat houses with free food and booze. For the girls, it is a highly organized system of walking around in a randomly assigned pack, waiting outside of houses in the cold, and talking to sisters in a very planned stilted way. You are assigned a sister at the door, and every sister has assigned people that they pass the freshman off to next. This creates a very unnatural slightly awkward social exchange (Talk five minutes, pass the girl off!), but we just kind of roll with it. 

Yesterday was day one of Open House Round. All the sororities basically just deck out their house with some sort of theme (ours was suitably pink and frilly) and there are six parties of about 50 freshman women that come through the doors for 30 minutes at a time. 

Although I kind of dread this time of year, yesterday wasn't really so bad. While the thought of talking to strangers often terrifies me, strangers who are 3 years younger and haven't had all the college maturing experiences I have don't pose quite the threat. The occasional bitch did walk through the door, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. And getting to talk with a fellow Neil Patrick Harris fan was kind of awesome. 

Even though rush is sort of a drag, I really see how all this can kind of help you out in the future. Small talk gets annoying in large doses like this, but it's also an important skill to have in order to be liked and succeed in your career. So my 40 year old boss and these 18 year old girls probably don't have the world in common, but it couldn't hurt! 

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