Sorority Rush Day 2: White Noise

Yesterday we had one more day of open house for sorority formal recruitment. It was basically a repeat of the day before only with one less 30 minute party and a barrage of new girls. Like I said yesterday, rush is all about the small talk. Small talk, by its very nature and label of 'small' is supposed to be pretty light and chill. It is kind of like the cotton candy of conversations: it fills up a lot of volume but doesn't have a lot of substance. What makes rush's small talk so hard is that you are in a crowded room of people all trying to accomplish the same task. Imagine trying to have a casual, light conversation with someone to get to know them but having to yell to be heard and strain to hear what the other person is saying – often nodding and smiling like you can hear them just so you don't have to keep getting in their face and screaming "WHAT?!" The only analogy I can think of is imagine speed dating in a dance club. 

Because of this, I felt like there were a lot of kind of awkward moments for me. So much of communication comes across with your tone and voice inflections. I feel like if you're going to scream something it better be an awesome something. I would scream a silly anecdote from my first day of class and feel awkward because it was definitely not a good enough story to be shouted like that. The embarassment level would then rise when the girl would ask me to repeat thing because she couldn't hear me. Often what was asked to be repeated was trivial anyway, making me feel silly repeating it. Often I felt kind of like a blubbering idiot, shouting "That's cool!" at the appropriate intervals and trying to hold on to my dignity. 

One poor girl must have been especially terrified. I was trying to hear her and kept taking a step forward to close the gap between us. Every time I did this she took a step back. The cycle repeated til I basically had her in a corner. Upon realizing that she probably thought I was trying to attack her or something, I passed her off to someone else, hopefully minimizing any mental torture I may have inflicted on her. 

Of course, I exaggerate. But the only word of wisdom I can impart on you is to save the rock concert for the second date? 

3 responses to “Sorority Rush Day 2: White Noise

  1. I mumble a lot off stage, I’m a mumbler. If I’m walking with a friend, and I say something, he won’t hear me, he’ll say “what?” So I’ll say it again, but once again he doesn’t hear me, so he says “what?” But really it’s just some insignificant shit that I’m saying… but now I’m yelling, “That tree is far away!”
    -Mitch Hedberg.
    Good comedian! OD’d on smack, very sad.

  2. Kristen, Delta Gamma

    Oh my gosh, this is so true! We just had informal recruitment (continuous open bidding) this semester, but during formal recruitment, I feel your pain. At my school, we don’t have houses either, so we hold recruitment in convention rooms in the University Center, meaning we can also hear the noise from the sororities in the rooms next to us. It’s so awkward.
    Good luck at recruitment!

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