Sorority Rush Day 3: R-E-S-P-E-C-T?!

Saturday I completed the second round of the formal recruitment process: Skit Round. This party is a lot like Open House only there is time at the end of the party for a short skit that is sort of meant to give the freshman a little idea of the personality of the sorority. Unlike previous years, we cut girls after the first round so most of the conversations I had were pretty good ones. Of course, there are always those girls who have their heart set on one house or another and they purposely make it painful to talk to them. I would ask pretty thoughtful open ended questions about her hobbies and her school activities and would get mumbles, whatevers, and umm yeah you know's, and nothing really's in return. Talking to her was like reading the sun …. mind numbingly painful and difficult. I mean, it's all good if you don't want to be here, but I don't think they realize that I am not enjoying myself just as much (probably an ego thing). I, however, actually know how to be polite when someone welcomes me into their home. These experiences just make me lose a little faith in humanity. 

That and the fact that my house was covered in trash after voting yesterday. Someone even had left a pile of half-masticated gyro from Greek Lady all over the carpet. Other sisters had tried to balance so much trash into the trash can that it was basically strewn all over the kitchen floor. I just don't get how people can have such blatant disrespect for someone's home. 

But all in all, skit round was probably the best it has been in my three years of recruiting! Only two more rounds to go! 

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