Sorority Rush Day 4: The Day I Caught a Germ

Monday. Most of you got a care free day off for MLK day to relax and reflect and enjoy life. For me, it was another day of recruitment rounds. Today's theme: Philanthropy. Basically all the sororities have to come up with some kind of craft that can somehow be used to donate to something related to your philanthropic organization. In most cases, I think it's kind of a stretch to think of a good activity. Moolah is what a philanthropy is really all about. This is also a round where you get to tour the houses beyond the main big room where all the talking has been taking place. You also get to eat something! So philanthropy is a pretty big round. It's also a round than can feel REALLY long.

I was the number 2 at one of the craft tables. One thing I do like about this round is that even though you're stuck with the same girl for 20-25 minutes (enough time to use up all your back up small talk questions) there are other people around so you can make a table discussion if you're not gellin with your assigned girl. There were times when everyone at our table had a case of the "I don't wanna talk to you's" so we just had an exciting sisterly conversation while the freshman crafted. It felt a lot like my babysitting days in high school. Coloring was a great way to get kids to just sit quietly for a while if you were tired of the running around and the shrieking screams (little kids can really hit the high notes!). 

After that, was an intense voting round (any girl you invite to the final round can potentially receive a bid so you have to week out any potential problems). During this round I gradually felt more malaise (my word of the day) and tired and my throat was sore. As the hours passed and my back began sinking further down the wall I realized I was probably getting sick. Today I kind of felt like blegh…then I did what you should never do when you get sick: consult web MD. After potentially feeling a lot of phantom systems I decided to just see how I feel tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

One response to “Sorority Rush Day 4: The Day I Caught a Germ

  1. oh gez, lol i thought we agreed that webMD was never the answer. it always tells you some insane thing if you have the simplest signs of a cold — runny nose, your brain is leaking out of your nasal passages slowly.
    i blame the kids, the little effers always carry around the best germs for getting you down and out and they have the worst hygiene so of course they are snotting all over you. start taking some of that Emergen-C stuff if you don’t feel better by tommorow, or a strong and constant round of Dayquil/
    Nyquil alternations usually does the trick. Good luck and feel better!

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