Sorority Rush Day 5: Will You Accept This Rose?

Yesterday was the final round of sorority recruitment. I can't believe it's only been a week! It feels like I've been in the recruiting frame of mind forever. I'm going to be glad to get back to normal. The final day was preference round. It is more formal: we all wear nice black dresses and the freshman girls also dress pretty nicely. The cool part about this round is the ceremony which includes songs about my chapter and speeches from girls who have been in the sorority for different periods of time about their experiences. As a senior, it was especially emotional thinking about how far I've come since I was that little lost freshman girl trying to find a place to fit in at school. Mostly, I just thought about my 3 best friends in the sorority who graduated last year and how much I miss them. As all the memories surfaced in my mind, I just kept thinking how lucky I was that I ended up here. I know now that I'm older, a lot of the sorority stuff seems kind of trivial to me. But the relationships…..I made my best and dearest friends in Phi Sig. And everyday I feel like I see a new side of someone that excites me – like bonding over McFlurries and Philly Diner with Lauren and Lindsey last night. Although, of course we have our cliques, I feel like I have some kind of bond with everyone. It is going to make me so sad to have to leave it all behind and start from scratch next year. 

Anyway, now that rush is basically over, some more fun/random entries should be appearing again soon. Thank you for bearing with me during this tedious process when I couldn't focus as much on updating and publicizing. Hopefully I at least enlightened you a little about sorority life and rush!

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