A Tale of 2 Burritos: Qdoba Vs. Chipotle


This story begins with a tale of 2 burritos. Now Penn has long been home to Qdoba. Although I love the feel of the Qdoba burrito in my hands (slightly mushy from whatever they do to the tortilla in that silver press thing!) and in my mouth (just wanted to be a little immature today!), I have thankfully recovered from the days I used to get one once a week. Once you learn that each one has over 1000 calories, there is no going back.

Unfortunately for Qdoba, last week a new burrito den moved in a block away by the name of Chipotle. Through all my years at Penn, many of spoken wonders of Chipotle, but I just shook my head in disbelief and ignorance. So today, when I had the opportunity to dine at Qdoba's competitor, I had to take the time to suck up the 1000 calorie price and decide the fate of these two burritos for myself. 

I was immediately taken aback by the carnal, industrial edge to the decor of Chipotle. It is definitely less warm and inviting than Qdoba. I mean it was cool, just had an evil vibe. The menu was nice, because the choices are limited and it made ordering less complicated. There are basically 2 types of burritos and you customize them. The service was comparably fast and efficient at both establishments.

Now for the burrito itself: I could definitely tell the ingredients were of better quality. The rice seemed…nicer?! The chicken less greasy, the salsa fresher. But as far as taste, I definitely still crave Qdoba. I think a large part of this is that the salsas (especially the green 'verde' sauce) appeal to me a lot better. And for me, salsa is a VERY important aspect of the burrito. I also like the cheese at Qdoba better (another one of my favorite things). 

So, although I feel like Chipotle has the 'technical' win for better burrito (the ingredients do seem fresher and maybe better for you, but I'm afraid to look at the nutrition facts at this moment), I'd still choose Qdoba for the taste. Although, now, hours later, I still feel disgustingly full and have decided to begin a 7 day personal challenge which I will write more about tomorrow.

What do you think? Qdoba vs. Chipotle?! I want your comments. GO! 

5 responses to “A Tale of 2 Burritos: Qdoba Vs. Chipotle

  1. Qdoba all the way! I HATE Chipotle. That’s basically all there is here in Orlando, everywhere you turn. However! Last year, they put a Qdoba in our Student Union, and though I’ve only eaten there twice, they were both memorable experiences. The loaded nachos with all that yummy cheese and chicken were amazing. And I like that you can just get a bag of homemade (delicious) chips with your choice of various (delicious) salsas.
    Chipotle was kinda too spicy for me (and I got the mildest thing possible). And without the spice…it’s super bland. Not worth my time.
    In conclusion…Qdoba wins. But ChiChi’s dominates over all!

  2. Screw Chipotle. At some point, like, 5 years ago it became trendy to think Chipotle was the best thing since sliced tortilla. Everyone always talks about how great their burrito is. It’s not that good, it’s just big. I’ve had fights with my brother over this.

  3. I agree! My sauce was too spicy and bland. It seems like a moot point but,
    it really bothered me!
    And Chi Chi’s +sweet corn cake will Always, Always, Always prosper! And we
    will visit the sacred ground of it and pay tribute every year!

  4. Word…I still kind of feel disgustingly full. I actually prefer Mexicali
    over both! But that’s another story.

  5. lol i did try once, pretty good but really huge so i kind of lost my appetite.

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