The Sick Day

Days like yesterday make me really put my life into check and make sure I didn't do anything really mean or unethical recently to upset the powers that be. The last week I had been recovering from a pretty bad cold. And once I finally felt like I had that in check I woke up yesterday feeling 'weird.' I remember waking up at one point and kind of feeling like I was on a water bed. When I moved my head it felt like the room would be shaking in my head for a little bit. Of course I ignored that and decided to cash in on the extra 40 minutes of sleep I was entitled to. Then when I finally decided to wake up and try to go brush my teeth, I was stumbling and nearly falling in the bathroom. The room was beyond spinning. So I figure it's just a low blood sugar/pressure thing and try to down some water and eat an apple. Still no dice. Next thing I know I'm vomming and will spare you all the dirty details. 

Basically, I know bacteria and viruses are pretty opportunistic creatures. They don't look at your hots or smarts, they kinda just want to replicate in whatever living host will take them in. I get that. But preying on someone with a weak immune system just because she is already recovering from a cold is just plain inconsiderate….even for pond scum. I was just a lame duck sitting there. Germs should at least try to exert themselves and take someone who is a little more of a challenge. 

Luckily, happily ever after time, I'm all better now. This makes me think it was some kind of food poisoning…maybe from the eggs I ate the day before? But as I was crawling around, paralyzed from vertigo, trying to get the bathroom yesterday it made me really miss having my mom around when I was sick. It was nice to know that there was someone there on your side to make sure you weren't going to die. I will add this to my list of sucky things about the growing up process. 

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