This is a Personal Challenge!

OK, so as I hinted yesterday, the disgustingly full feeling after eating that burrito (sorry Chipotle!) has sparked a fire in me. A fire for change and all that is good. I am ready to turn my back on childish ways. I am ready to……..stop eating out! 

I have been feeding myself (am I witty or what?) so many excuses:
-I don't have food.
-The kitchen is messy.
-I have too many meetings.
-I want to eat with my friends.
-I'm tired after class.
-I just got food poisoning from cooking for myself. (If only that was a joke!) 

…And so on! But the cost and health aspects are starting to concern me. I really need so stop the (excuse me) bull shit. Otherwise I'll never change. So today, I stocked my kitchen with cereal, lunch meat, pasta, and some basic chicken (what other kinds of chickens are there?) and seasonings. Oh, and I threw out the eggs that gave me food poisoning. My goal is to go 7 full days without eating out. I will let myself buy an emergency soda if I feel like I'm going to die from boredom (caffeine makes me seem interested in life), but that's it. 

I do like eating with friends, so if that becomes a big issue I will try to start packing food and bringing it to wherever they go to eat. I just want to stop all of the excuses. I will keep you updated on my progress this week. Hopefully the end result will be success and happiness. 

What kind of stuff do you like to make for yourself? Do any of you feel like you're propensity to eat out has gotten out of control? I would love some advice or buddies to help a sister out! 

7 responses to “This is a Personal Challenge!

  1. I eat out way too much too! Between fast food and sit down meals with friends, I probably eat out 6 out of 7 days a week. Which is sad cuz I have a full kitchen all to myself (so any mess is my own) and I love to cook. I might follow in your footsteps and see how it goes (after Sunday cuz I’m celebrating my birthday!)
    As for what I like to make…I’m not a huge sandwich person, but when the mood strikes I like making my own chicken salad. And nothing beats a good grilled cheese. I always fall back on pasta. It’s cheap, quick, and easy. For the more courageous chef, try just buying plain tomato sauce in a can and doctor it up with your own herbs, spices, and vegetables. If you add some kind of meat to the pasta, you’ve got a pretty hearty meal. Salads are another way to be very creative.
    If you really wanna go all out, I have great recipes for Shepherd’s Pie (the best!), meatloaf, or a delicious chicken/cheese/stuffing casserole. You’ll never wanna eat out again.

  2. Wow! Andrew, with comments like that you really need to get your own blog
    again : ) Just a thought! I love you for it though!
    And thanks for the advice. The meatloaf and cheesey chicken recipes sound
    really great! You totes need to hook me up with the recipes! I really hope I
    succeed with this, it’ll be better for both my wallet and waist line!

  3. You should cook the following things:
    -Pasta of all kinds, the easiest of home meals
    -Eggs. Screw your food poisoning, eggs are good, as are other breakfast foods.
    -I have an excellent recipe for Chile if you would like it
    -Tomato soup and grilled cheese, a classic combo.
    -Creamed Chipped Beef. I will not elaborate, but ask me if you are interested. INCREDIBLE. BEST EVER.

  4. whatever you say mcDrunkerstein haha

  5. We’ve been eating out a lot lately too, I’ve been too sick to go to the grocery store or cook. However, all the crap I’ve been eating is making my health worse so I finally went to the grocery store and bought all healthy food. I’m so sick of eating crap and feeling like crap I forced myself to.

  6. Good luck! I know what you mean. All the eating out has really been pissing my body off, I’m hoping this goal will help me feel more energized and healthy.

  7. yay karen, i wish i had the will power to do this and i am still feeding myself excuses. I agree with what everyone else has said though, especially on the pastas, but limit the portions and don’t cook more than you will eat because then you’ll most likely feel guilty about cooking it and want to eat it all (i do this). if you’re a fan of mushrooms i highly recommend Ragu’s super chunky mushroom pasta sauce. there are enough mushrooms in it that it can be eaten just on noodles alone and be a filling meal.

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