Bid Day Party Time

Yesterday was my sorority's bid day party at Paradigm, a bar in old city. I feel like over the years in my sorority I have had some pretty epic nights with crazy laugh fests, mischievous plots, meeting random guys, taking ridiculous pictures, etc. Last night was just ho hum. The music wasn't spectacular (Where was Womanizer?!), the drinks were overpriced, they didn't have beer on tap, and I wasn't really that drunk anyway. I decided that's why I don't really like the night time scene at bars/clubs – you pretty much have to be wasted to enjoy them thoroughly. At this point in my life, my preferred night time activity would be a couple brews, some Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel, and maybe a little board game action (which is coincidentally what I did last weekend). I'm definitely a dinner party and drinks or a happy hour type of girl. I want to be able to have a conversation, 
make obnoxious toasts, and enjoy a care free evening. 

But maybe I'm really only saying this because my stomach feels a little wonky in typical hangover fashion. If you get anything out of this somewhat lackluster blog entry I want you to remember that you should NOT let wasted people make you drinks. I had one drink before the party of unknown composition. It was warm and strong and obviously did not sit well with me. Between that and the somewhat warm blue moon at the bar my body is seeking revenge. 

On an upside, I got a lot of compliments on my boobs last night and appearance in general. I really think it is because I've gained some weight recently, but like I said, upside! Also Cynthia let me borrow a top to wear. I really need to get some more fashion forward going out clothes. I'm usually the girl wearing a sweater at a bar. I often joke that I do this because it attracts a better type of guy, but really it's because I loathe shopping and spending (and shoes!). I fail at girl school. I just need an 'Alice' to stock my closets for me (You know, an entry without a Twilight reference is like a day without sunshine!).

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