Feb Club 2009

In case you don't know already, I'm a second semester senior in college. Granted, I'm in a pretty difficult program, but even us engineering types start to lose it around this time. Conveniently, Penn has an annual tradition called Feb Club to keep us occupied. Every night in February there is some kind of organized event, most of them involving drinking/happy hours/etc. At every event you can get your card stamped, and depending on how many events you go to, you get prizes. 

I feel like everyone, including me, has good intentions of trying to go for them all. Who doesn't love collecting them all, seeing a card completely full of stampy goodness. So, we'll see. The kick off at the elite bar on campus (Smoke's) was last night. There was a line of people around the block waiting to get in and get their stamp after the super bowl. None of the group of girls I was with really felt like being there, so we basically just did a stamp and go (After paying a one dollar cover, boo!). But, there are some cool places down town I've never been to before, so it could be a way to better explore Philly if nothing else. Plus, my guy friends stopped by at my place late last night, and they succeeded in getting me pumped. Here's to future not lackluster feb club inspired entries! 

Right now, I'm getting ready for Day 2: 12 Lounge. It's literally next door to me, some sketch bar that is in the movie theater (convenient if you had perhaps just seen Revolutionary Road). 

4 responses to “Feb Club 2009

  1. Last time I went to Smokes, my coat was stolen, along with my keys. I was less than pleased, and I’m still holding a grudge. Never was my favorite spot, too snooty-ivy. Give me Blarney Stone any day.

  2. Okay, Penn sounds way cooler than my school!

  3. If you ignore the fact that most Penn guys are tools who run from anything
    resembling a real relationship haha.

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