Feb Club Day 3: Snowy Angry Rivers!

Twas the fourth night of feb club, and all through Philadelphia….it was snowing freaking buckets! I was so surprised. I feel like Philly hasn't gotten a snow like that in a couple years. It's funny how crazy people get. Everyone was outside screaming and wooing and throwing snow around til at least 2 AM when I finally passed out. Snow doesn't really have the same effect on me. It was pretty, but walking 10 blocks with ice shards pelting my face isn't my idea of a perfect Tuesday night. Now if I had a boy (scratch that, if I had R. Patts) to cozy with by a fire and watch said snow by a picture window….well that would be a different story. 

Yesterday's event was at the bar, Mad River. I put on my rain boots and walked with the guys to the Septa stop. Septa was dead and rain boots offer no thermal protection for your feet. Despite my numb feet, I trudged on and relished how hard core I felt going out on a snowy Tuesday night. 

Mad River wasn't anything special though. Just a typical bar with a decaying wood vibe and overpriced pitchers. But the process and bonding experience of trekking through the snow made it a great night, one I'll remember. Especially because I bonded with L and told her she needs to make me and my year long crush finally happen. It's the final countdown, and I don't want to live in "What If Land" for the rest of my existence (not life, you never know if I'll find an 'Edward'). 

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