Get the Power Back: He’s Just Not That Into You Review

Freshman year I was fooling around semi-regularly with this guy. This is a version of Karen I cringe to look back on. The Karen who used her new found college Freshman status to coerce her boyfriend into an open relationship so she could sew wild oats that could never have been sewn in high school. As E's phone calls and IM's got more sporadic and I was curled into my bed moping, my then best friend gave me a book: He's Just Not That Into You. To say this book changed my life would be an understatement (probably an overstatement, but it's REAL good!). This book gives you the tools to spot when you're being treated poorly, save your dignity, and run far away. As harsh and direct as the author's messages can be, Behrendt reminds you that you are a super-fox and deserve that guy that's going to treat you like a Queen, because that's how it is when the guy actually digs you. You don't have to be sad about that guy, because why waste your time on someone who just wasn't that into you? It's a book that I continually refer back to and it helps me 'check myself' when I go into overanalyzation mode. 

So flash forward to today and now the book has been turned into a movie with a lot of big names, just in time for Valentine's Day. I was having a pretty bleh self esteem day last night, so I decided to go to a 12:30 at night showing with an arsenal of sorority sisters. The movie follows a group of people, some single some married, who are all connected in some way. It goes through their stories which are all intertwined, giving the movie a Love Actually feel. I liked how the movie, like the book, delivered some harsh truths with a very light, humorous tone. I laughed, I cried (or I wanted to)- very good chick movie stuff. 

While the tone was light and cheery, I couldn't help dissecting all the boys from my past and feeling a little hit to my self esteem. Especially when one of the main guys said something to the effect of there is no such thing as sparks, guys just say that as an excuse to get out. That was something right out of one of my break ups. It was definitely a movie that made me analyze the past and try to figure stuff out. Could I have seen it sooner and saved myself some heart ache? Moreover, it made me wish we all had the stones to be honest and say we aren't interest or aren't going to call or are breaking up with you because we don't like you. It would stop all the excuses and finally get us on the track to moving on sooner. I pseduo-jokingly tell every significant other at some point that I want them to tell me if they're never going to talk to me again. Although, there are definitly guys out of my social domain, no one has yet had the courage to say it to me. 

But then again, I digressed, I was talking about the movie. Although a little on the long side, I definitely would recommend going out to see this one either by yourself or with a girlfriend. The stories are cute and the overall message is one every girl should take to heart. A couple moments were so cheesy I almost cringed, but what are you expecting when you go to a chick flick? And I secretly love the cheese. 

So, go see it and comment with your opinions. I personally was a little peeved at the ending, I think it might have made the author of the book cringe. What do you think? 

5 responses to “Get the Power Back: He’s Just Not That Into You Review

  1. I have to say, I do not envision myself seeing the movie unless I go with a date…guys who go to chick flicks alone usually also watch Bravo and get manicures…but if you got a movie that was even remotely related to the book it was based off of, you have to call that a major coup. I mean, lots of books-to-movies don’t even have the same basic PLOT. Then again, I imagine this is less the case with chick movies than it is with action movies and such.

  2. Yeah, this book is more of a self help book….it has no plot. So it can’t follow it too much without being really boring and preachy. It does have confessionals by crazy girls, which are included in the movie. The movie is stories that are made up based on problems people have and would need the book for. But…it was a good time.

  3. no one will ever like me.

  4. I enjoyed the movie but I agree with you, the ending wasn’t anything like what they tell you in the book but I suppose the producers were shooting for optimism in these trying economic times?
    Haha, we were obsessed with that book back in the day, I’m glad I can see through not taking the text literally now as I did back then but it was still a nice starting point for relationship and boyfriend analyzation.

  5. The book has held true for me for sorting out the guys who were really after
    me and those who weren’t. The times I’ve ignored Greg’s wise words have been
    the times I’ve gotten hurt. I feel like there are those shy boys who may
    never make a move…but I’m tired of them at this point. Sadly shy boys seem
    to be my type.

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