Just Chillin at the (Wingate) Inn

So, as it turns out I'm writing to you from a hotel room in Winston-Salem, NC. If you think that is kind of random, well, you aren't wrong. I didn't even know my exact travel plans until yesterday at around 7 in the evening. It feels like I'm on this bizarre scavenger hunt. "Meet at airport at this time" then "Find white van with logo on it who will drive you 30 minutes to your next location" then "Check into room 503" then "Van will pick you up at this time in the morning." You get the idea. 

So why am I in NC tonight? Tomorrow, I'm going to be interviewed by some faculty at Wake Forest, meet some biomechanics students, and attend the a conference on car crash research (something I'm pretty passionate about). It's cool to think this is the first potential new home I'm going to visit. In so many ways applying to grad school is like online dating. Well, we've both checked out each other's profiles and now it's time to meet and see if there's a connection!

One immediate thing I noticed is that people are so nice here. While I was waiting for the white van, the guy on the bench beside me started yapping away and asking me questions about myself and Philly. Then when the white van driver came he apologized profusely for making me wait like 5 minutes for him. This kind of stuff does not happen in the city! 

On a down side, where I am is definitely not pedestrian friendly. I was starving when I checked in at 8:30 and when I inquired about food nearby they were all down town. Therefore I sucked it up and dined on Cheetos and peanut M&M's from the vending machine for my evening meal. I'm used to being in walking distance of 30+ places with fast food options. 

But another upside – unlike my house, the hotel gets FX! So I can watch the new Nip/Tuck tonight in the comfort of a king sized bed. Have a good night everyone. I'll let you know how my interviews go. 

One response to “Just Chillin at the (Wingate) Inn

  1. Hope you’re having fun on your trip/watching Nip/Tuck. Keep in mind that you’ve already got a great school in the bag, so you can be totally relaxed for the interview now…it took me forever to get a job offer for the summer, lots of interviews that didn’t pan out, but then after I got my first offer I got another one on my very next interview, possibly because I was so relaxed and confident! So yeah. Hope it all goes well, and eat some real food tomorrow.

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