Meet me at the Tarmac!

One of my biggest pet peeves in this world is the use of the word tarmac. Once the word escapes someone's lips I immediately shout "Tool!" in my head. After landing in a plane there are always those couple people telling their loved ones "Yeah, we're on the tarmac now, see you in 30." Why does this large expanse that airplanes roll around on to get to the terminal even need a special name? Tarmac is really just the name of the type of surface it's made of (Thanks Wikipedia) anyway. When I'm walking home I don't tell my mom "Hey, I'm on the concrete, be home in time for dinner." No, that's just lame, and so are people who say tarmac. 

Also, I never feel as close to death as I do when I'm on the plane. I know all the statistics that say I'm safer up there than driving on the roads, but the lack of a control I feel is so paralyzing. More so than in cars, you have to trust the reliability of the vehicle you are in. The only way I get by is by shutting the window (ignorance!) and trying to sleep. But of course, Philly being Philly, we were in a holding pattern above the city for a lot longer than I would have liked during the landing. Only a few of my nails survived to tell the tale. 

3 responses to “Meet me at the Tarmac!

  1. omg there was a plane crash on thursday. : ( thats so depressing. i’m terrified of planes, i actually consider saving pre-made text messages to my family so i can send them off really quickly if anything happens. i might even cancel some interviews. do you think i’m overreacting?

  2. hah – I never thought of that before – tarmac is a rather unnecessary word. Though I happen to think planes are the coolest thing ever – right after astronomy that is 🙂

  3. Planes are cool, but concrete is pretty much the same no matter how you
    slice it!
    I really just get annoyed because people use it to sound like tools, they
    realize what they’re saying!

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