I (Heart) V-Day!

I am a single girl who loves Valentine's Day. Around this time of the year the blogging world is full of rants about how the holiday sucks, it's commercialized (what holiday isn't?), and it's basically designed to make everyone feel bad in some way. If you're single you're supposed to feel sad and alone and if you're with someone you're supposed to feel pressure to perform. Despite these arguments, I don't have any beef against V-day. The holiday really boils down to love – showing love and spreading love. What can be wrong with that? 

I feel like I'm a classic case of someone who should hate today. I've never had a special someone to spend my February 14th with and that's the one day you're supposed to want to have a S.O. I guess the elementary school teachers did a thorough job brainwashing me when we made cards for everyone in the class during the tissue box V-day mail box days. I love having a day when I can give little notes to my friends and remind them that I care about them. I love getting care packages from my mom with my favorite guilty pleasures. And I love the high prevalence of sweets everywhere I go. 

So what are my plans for tomorrow? I plan on writing some cheesy pick up lines on my guy friends' facebook walls as usual and wining/dining in the city with 3 of my close girl friends. Guys come and go, but friends are forever. And that is why I'm perfectly happy with how my day will unfold tomorrow. Take a second to think about the people and things you love, and you'll learn to love this day a little more. 


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