Penn Vs. Meningitis, and a Video Update!

The word of the weekend around Penn's campus is Meningitis. There were a few cases this week and given the death and law suit last year, I think Penn kind of wanted to make sure it properly responded this time around. All social events have been canceled until further notice and they are providing everyone who wants it with a dose of antibiotics. I had planned on not going to such extremes, but after the 15th email about this I finally caved and went down to the student center, filled out a form, and got an antibiotic on the spot. It was a pretty long line, so I guess Penn did a thorough job of scaring us all. But, I'm happy to say, that I feel so great that I did it. I feel like I don't have to have the worry in the back of my mind anymore. Hopefully, all this will be over in a few days, the sick people will be healed, and we'll all get our social events back (like in the second Harry Potter Book!).

I decided to make the video blogs a Sunday tradition for now. So feel free to check it out if you want. It'll catch you up on Feb Club this week and you'll get to see my lovely face! 


2 responses to “Penn Vs. Meningitis, and a Video Update!

  1. Karen, it is so nice to see your lovely face!!! Though I’m disappointed that Robert Pattinson’s lovely face was cut out of this one…

  2. Sorry! I just didn’t want him to get ALL the attention!

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