OKCupid, A Free Self Esteem Boost

I remember the day I joined OKcupid.com, a free online dating service. My friend wanted to find a guy to hook up with in the area for kicks and giggles and I kind of made a profile to pseudo stalk her search. I'm one of those people who crack themselves up, so I had some fun making up a profile. And hey! It gave me an outlet for procrastinating studying for a good 30 minutes. I still have the profile even though I have no intention of contacting anyone on that site. (To be totally honest, I have replied to 2-3 people, but only the ones that expressed some interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

So, like all dating sites, you have a profile, people view it, and they can message you through the site. Even though most people on the site definitely do not seem like my idea of a good significant other, they have provided me with much amusement through their written adoration, complete with misspellings and word misuse. Today I was told that I seem: "really cool and hella cute," "fun to talk to," "intelligent," "refreshing," like I could "probbly be a model," and  "pretty interesting." Pretty good for never having to leave the house.   

So if you feel like some entertainment and an opportunity to get some messages from crazy people you never hope to encounter in real life, I recommend making a profile. I mean, it's possible you could find some great guy (or girl!), but even if you don't, a little flattery delivered periodically in your inbox is always a good thing.


3 responses to “OKCupid, A Free Self Esteem Boost

  1. I mean, it’s possible

  2. the best part is REJECTING people! ahahahahaha if only i were the one who could do that in real life
    :’ (

  3. funny thing, i met Sarah through this site, it can happen.

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