I Just Ruined My Career as an Olympic Figure Skater

I'm from West Virginia – the small 'middle of nowhere' state that most people forget is even a state (1863 Holla!). My 4 years in Philadelphia have gotten me a lot more used to big city life, but it's still not my cup of tea. I get lost easily, you see. In that small city I live in I still have to mapquest places I've gone to hundreds of times. 

I was already nervous for my interview at Columbia this weekend. I've been on a couple day trips to the big city, but never on my own. I feel like this weekend will definitely be a test if I could do the New York thing. So the last thing I needed was to fall on a handicap ramp (the irony is not lost on me) and twist my ankle and bang up my knees. As I limped back to my house, muttering prophanities, I was even more worried about this weekend. NYC is definitely a place where people are going to expect me to be able to walk, not do the gimp shuffle at 0.3 mph. 

I just got back from CVS and bought an ankle bandage and some advil. I embark on my journey in about an hour. I just hope the people interviewing me feel bad or think it's cute in a nerdy way. Here's hoping NYC doesn't crush me! 

One response to “I Just Ruined My Career as an Olympic Figure Skater

  1. Good luck on your interview darlin! Hope NY doesn’t eat you! 🙂

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