Every Rose Has Its Thorns

I watch the Bachelor for the same reason I watch/read/consume most of my guilty pleasures. I like to escape in worlds where everything is sugar coated and made of marshmallows and gumdrops and smiles. I don't go to them for the reality of douche bag guys. I want to dream of the sexy, devoted, vampire lover Edward Cullen or the sweet, best friend, man of my dreams Gilbert Blythe. I want to watch a show about a nice guy trying to find love in this crazy world and experience my own little piece of happily ever after along with him. And I did not get that on the Bachelor finale tonight. 

There was a happy ending, and then a dramatic hour long interview in which the Bachelor proceeded to dump his fiance and then make out with the runner up in a span of 10 minutes. It was all just so tacky. I get that people make mistakes in their search for love. I've made plenty. But some things are just plain old douchey no matter which way you slice it. Going from engaged to the next fish that quickly, dumping a girl on live TV and embarrassingly carting her away in a limo…this is all just so wrong. 

I love how the Bachelor usually makes me fall in love with the main guy along with the 25 crazy catty chicks. I feel like a little piece of my heart got broken tonight. I was Melissa last year. A guy I was seeing did a sudden tool move and then was dating my friend in like no time. Because of that I harbor negative feelings for runner up Molly as well. Why would you do something like that to your friend? or any girl for that matter? The feelings will be there in a couple weeks if they are real. There's no need to make out on live TV just to piss everyone off. 

So, that was my 2 cents about some trashy reality TV. Did anyone else watch? What are your thoughts? 

4 responses to “Every Rose Has Its Thorns

  1. DOUCHE BAG!!! The bachelor might as well be flavor of love at this point

  2. I save my trashy TV time up for Rock of Love, Real Housewives and Bad Girls Club… tonight is a GOLD MINE!

  3. I personally prefer Flavor of Love or Rock of Love…I mean, at least they’re pretty up front about the fact that, odds are, best case scenario, they’re fighting over the opportunity to shack up with the famous rap/rock star by yourself for a few months, year tops. Also, way more comedy.

  4. This was the first time I watched the Bachelor all season and I wasn’t impressed however I did stay glued to the tv for the entire 3 hours that night. Then I was mad at myself for wasting three hours. I agree with you though, I think it would have made a much better “after the final rose” if Molly had turned him down when he said he wanted to start seeing her and had just dumped Melissa. Their smiling, making outness was also on Ellen yesterday and I was forced to watch it yet again while waiting in the doctor’s office.

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