Think +!

I've had to get into college mode the last couple days and cram for midterms. Given the fact that it's 1:30 AM and I still have some stuff to take care of, I don't have time for the structured/awesome posts you're used to. Tests are like going to the dentist, no one likes them. So, to give my life a sense of balance I'll list some things I'm excited about.

1. Spring Break is basically 1 day away! 
2. The premier of Castle on ABC starring hottie Nathan Fillion. The ads have really got me excited for this. 
3. My rediscovery of Pandora's awesomeness.  
4. Future sleep ins during the aforementioned SPRING BREAK!
5. Finally finding out what's in my mystery birthday presents in my mom's last care package.
6. Free Hawaiian Pizza in Entrepreneurship Class tomorrow.
7. The final eps of this season of How I Met Your Mother. I can't get enough of NPH! 
8. Trying out my new flippies (fins) 60 feet under water! (Spring Break!)
9. An end to Midterm Studying for 7 weeks 
10. New Tweets (I'm an official Twitter addict now!)

I feel better already! What are you excited for?


One response to “Think +!

  1. hahaha karen TWEET TWEET!

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