Gentlereaders, I regret to inform you all that I will be gone until March 16. That's right, Spring Break fever has let loose in University City. As mentioned before in my post about impulse purchases, I will be flying to Belize to primarily SCUBA dive, but probably other fun things like snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing as well. You know, ocean-y stuff! I will actually be staying on a cay (or key for us Englishers) off the coast, so it should be really secluded, peaceful and relaxing. 

I'm trying to think about all the good things about the trip now. Last night I was kind of freaking out about it. Vacations always have so many hidden costs that accumulate and make me anxious. I have a very spendthrift personality – spending money makes me very nervous. I mean, having this quality is probably better than being in massive debt, but it kind of takes the fun out of getting new things. I'm sure these anxious feelings were only magnified by me coming off a caffeine high. Once the euphoria wears off I'm kind of an anxious mess. Note to self: STOP DRINKING SODA!!! 

Here's what I'm trying to tell myself: Yeah, I spent money, but who knows when I'll have a chance to dive again. And, who knows how poor I'll be the next 5 years in graduate school and whether I'll be able to go on many big trips for a while. And even though going home would have been relaxing, I would have been jealous of all the people who went on a cruise and stuff. Also, I'll most likely have some kind of job this summer to save up money for moving expenses. I need to stop worrying about this, yo. 

I am really excited to dive again. It's been 2 years since I got my license and I was doubting I'd have another opportunity to go. Diving, unfortunately, is an expensive hobby and you generally have to go to expensive places to do it. It's pretty awesome though – the feeling of being weightless, floating 50 feet under water. It's so peaceful. Yeah, you have 100 pounds of equipment strapped to your body, butNo_Sharks_sticker
 luckily the water makes it quite easy to lug around. The ocean is so vast, blue, calm, peaceful, and mesmerizing. Maybe it's the nitrogen narcosis talking (I made a diving joke!), but it's a great way to clear your head and just hang out with the fishies (NO sharks, please!). So it should be a great trip, and I look forward to telling you about it in 10 days! Until then….

Does spending money stress you out? Are you doing anything for Spring Break?

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