Belize Part 1 – Home Sweet Isolation

**Hello Gentlereaders, I'm back from Belize and had a great trip. On the morning of my birthday (last Saturday, check yourself if you have yet to wish me a happy 22nd!), I was restless for a lot of reasons and woke up at 6 AM (GAAAASP!) and started writing thoughts about and as a result of the trip. It ended up with a total of 12 pages! I'll include some of the more interesting stories in here over the next week. The more personal musings I will unfortunately have to keep more private. So enjoy a week of Tropical Posts, best enjoyed while listening to Sean Kingston "Take you There." **


Friday, March 6th, consisted of a long day of traveling. First from Newark to  Houston and then a second plane from Houston to Belize City, Belize. Once on the main land, things got interesting and we boarded a tiny single propeller plane operated by "Tropic Air." A sketchy name like that did nothing to calm my nerves, but it was a pretty cool life experience. I called out to God while the plane shook during landing and take off, but we never got high enough to make the tiny plane too scary. After the 15 minute flight, we got on a water taxi and cruised 40 minutes to our final destination – Tranquility Bay Resort – pretty much as far from civilization as you can get. Despite the sparsity of night life, it was a really nice trip, a vacation from a lot of things – wearing real clothes (my daily wardrobe consisted primarily of free t-shirts), city noise, room mates, cooking, homework, classes, drama, waiting til 10 to start drinking (happy hour!), family, chores, obligations, needing to do anything, TV, compulsive email checking, etc. Even though there was basically nothing to do after dinner, it was really a nice break from the routine.

Saturday, March 7th – the first real day consisted of a snorkeling trip to get readjusted to the water059
 before diving again. The wind was pretty intense since it was the windy season in Belize, so when we went through the reefs the boat made 10-15 foot drops (or so it felt like) as the waves crashed by us. Despite being in the company of primarily older people, I basically shouted "FUCK ME!" in loop until it looked like I would not be crashing into a reef that day. We completed 2 nice snorkels and then had some lunch and margaritas in Mexico (but yeah, don't tell anyone….I'm pretty sure it wasn't allowed!). 

Sunday, March 8th – my first dive in Hol Chan. The depth was mostly less than 30 feet. Between that and not having enough weight on my belt (further highlighting the fact I've lost a lot of muscle in the last 2 years) my buoyancy control was non-existant. I literally had to hold stuff on the bottom to keep from floating away. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the story of how I got lost in the jungle! 

4 responses to “Belize Part 1 – Home Sweet Isolation

  1. who’d you go with?

  2. SCUBA diving is the best, and that island looks so relaxing! Wish I could have gone instead of working full-time over break.
    See you on Wednesday in negotiations… and BCI… and entrepreneurship… (we have too many classes together)

  3. haha too many? I’ll try not to take that as an insult. And this spike
    sorting homework is taking FOREVER!

  4. 2 friends from sophomore year hallway – Jared and Cecilia. We had gotten
    certified together 2 years ago.

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