Belize Part 3: Friends, Fish, Fun

Wednesday, March 11 - A relaxy day spent largely hanging out with P – a guy my age who was staying with his family at the same resort. We had met a couple days before over a semi-intense game of 'spit.' I had taught C and J how to play a different speed game a few days earlier, but it was nice to find someone to keep my on my toes and give me a bit of a challenge. We had a pretty quippy/teasey thing going through the week based primarily on card competitions. I feel like I got to know everyone at the resort pretty well. I'd never really met friends on vacation before. It felt a little like the movie "Saving Sarah Marshall" in that way and the friendships definitely improved my enjoyment of the trip. 

My relaxy days consisted of reading trashy beach novels (vampires, tiger changelings, and smut, oh my!), playing spit with P, lunch, snorkeling, happy hour, dinner, and evening fish patrol by moonlight. The fish viewing became a sort of inside joke for me. P's mom would gesture out on the dock while we were eating dinner and a dwindling amount of people would go out and see what was lurking in the water by the lights under the dock. It was usually rays or tarpins, but often too far away to really see. The fish viewings highlighted my crippling curiosity. Even though I knew the stimulus was probably too far away to be worth going out during dinner, the curiosity of what exactly was out there always drove me from my chair. I needed to make sure I wasn't missing something amazing. Everytime I saw the signal I would roll my eyes and go out on the dock, expecting disappointment but always hanging on to the hope for something more. 

20_17 (2)

Thursday, March 12 - our last diving day and another 2 tanker. We went to 2 sites near San Pedro – Esmerelda Canyons and Tackle Box. Both sites had amazing coral formations and we got to go through the canyons in pretty tight nooks and crannies for someone wearing lots of bulky SCUBA gear. It's a really sweet feeling though, as was perfect buoyancy control over a huge drop in the canyon. It felt like flying. Floating with my arms out in front of me like Superman is my favorite part of diving – at least until someone with shitty buoyancy comes out of nowhere and flippers me in the face. But for that one moment…..

Coming back was a huge ordeal though. Our water taxi kept getting delayed til we were finally going to be at least 1.5 hours behind schedule. Meanwhile, I was restless and crabby because all I really wanted was to get back in time for happy hour. At least one of the divers distracted me for a while by getting us all a round of Belikin (the beer of Belize, HOLLA). Belikin has a monopoly on beer in the country. You can't get anything else easily. At least it was pretty good! 

Stay Tuned for the story of the SHARK! yes, SHARK! 


One response to “Belize Part 3: Friends, Fish, Fun

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! That looks wonderful… can’t wait to hear about the shark *skin crawls*

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