Belize Part 4: The One With the Shark


*Sorry for the delay everyone, I was on interviews and having a groggy few days*

Friday, March 13 – Another relaxy day and the Canadians' last day at the resort so I wanted to be sure to take advantage of my last day with my new friend P. After breakfast, I began the book Allie sent me a couple weeks ago from her job – Wintergirls (AN: It is actually being released today…haha). I'm sure no book about anorexia can really be happy, but this one hit an extreme low. Every few chapters I would have to take a break and go out into the water and recite positive statements about the world to prevent feeling like I should off myself. when I finally could take no more, I went to visit P and we talked Science – his research, mine, ethics, eugenics, classes, etc. It's great to talk with someone who understands that kind of stuff. I always have to give people vague answers about my jobs and career interests. When I try to give details I can often see myself quickly losing them. I've learned to give simple answers like 'heart research' unless I run across someone with the right cred. 

We continued the day by enjoying an afternoon snorkel. As we were happily swimming along, me enjoying all the small, brightly colored fishies, P grabs my right foot and ominously points ahead. My mask was kind of on the foggy side, but when I looked more closely I saw a huge fish with pointed fins. In my 'I'm out in the middle of the ocean with no home court advantage' denial, I assumed it was a big barracuda or something, but happily swam a little in the other direction. 

When P surfaced he said that what we really saw was a shark (gasp) and that sharks usually only attack in shallow, murky water (double gasp) like what we were in right now. That was definitely enough to spike my heart rate and make me want to get the Hell out of there ASAP. So we both snorkel back, constantly shifting our eyes all around to make sure our 'friend' didn't come to surprise us. P kind of stayed behind me. I like to think he would have been my protector, but I'm also glad I don't have to know that no matter how awesome a shark attack story would have been. At least he was a good buddy, and stopped my haphazard swim forward when he did. Although sharks rarely attack, I didn't feel like being a statistic. 

When we got back for happy hour, we looked at the fish book to try to I.D. our 6-8 foot fishy friend, and honestly the closest thing it looked like was a tiger shark – one of the most dangerous fishy friends out there. It was more realistically a reef shark…but…I guess we'll never know. 

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