G-Chat Follies

97382190_4f5ce38f11 G-Chat can be my best friend or my worst enemy. The tech enthusiast in me loves its simplicity. And it really just makes sense. If some poor soul is rotting away staring at their computer screen, why not ask a quick question instead of taking the time to compose a witty e-mail?

But those green dots, while useful can be your greatest enemy. Everyone knows when you are at your computer and can nag you to death about anything. Are you coming to this? Are you working on this? Do this for me now! While you can fake ignorance of an e-mail for a couple hours, g-chat calls your bluff.

The only reasonable solution I could come up with was blocking those g-chat naggers. But, banishing someone from social media sometimes feels like the coldest thing you can do. It doesn't really cost anything to let them linger on your friend list, but then again, their presence bothers me. Sometimes I even put people on block on/off cycles of 3 days blocked and then 1 day of unblock to curb their suspicions….

But that's just so much work! Bottom line: I think chat should be for fun not nagging. I would like my right to be idle and procrastinate sometimes to be respected. I say, let's keep the business in the e-mails and the fun announcements that there is free cake in the atrium (etc…) to g-chat! 

3 responses to “G-Chat Follies

  1. Hmm… I was wondering why you seemed to disappear from G-chat for days at a time, then randomly reappear… (j/k)
    Agreed with emails for business, G-chat for fun. That really should be an enforced standard!

  2. I hope that doesn’t include me! I really only talk to one person on it, but I have a nagger on my list that always wants to complain about something to me. It’s no fun, but I don’t have the heart to block them.

  3. You can be like me and just always be invisible. That way, if you want to talk to someone, you can, and you can continue to stalk away messages with no one knowing…

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