An Ode to Hotels

Statler01 I love hotels. They are magical sub-communities where all your heart's desires are fulfilled. Everyone greets you when you walk in and out. Food is delivered to your door – you don't even have to get out of your pajamas! I have options that I don't usually have – like making coffee in the morning and ironing my clothes so I look sharp for interviews. The carpets are clean and towels and linens are refreshed everyday. I'm lucky if I get around to cleaning my linens every month (sadly). Hell, I can even go swimming or work out in the evenings. And unlike at home, the gyms are a novelty and I'm more likely to do such things. 

Not only to hotels have awesome perks, they also make me feel like I've somehow made it in the world. Until this year, I'd never stayed in a room alone. I had ignorantly thought it would be kind of creepy. But on the contrary, it is so relaxing and boosts my ego tons. I feel like a smart successful young business woman off doing important business womany things. As I walk through those front doors after my day's engagements, by head is held a little higher than usual. 

Unfortunately, this will most likely be my last solo hotel gig for a while. Graduate school interviews are over. The fun of weekend getaways is behind me and now all that is left is the sucky task of making a decision and living with it. 


4 responses to “An Ode to Hotels

  1. Don’t worry. You’ll be staying in hotels for job interviews before you know it. I got to stay a whole week in one of the swankiest hotels in DC last semester (actually, it was the hotel Governor Spitzer shacked up with whores in, pretty nice joint), and it was most excellent. And then a couple weeks ago I got to spend a night in Wilmington in a “King Suite”…whole different experience, it was like having an apartment. Living room, two flat screen TVs, a big desk, a couch, the biggest bed I’ve ever slept in…it was a total ego trip. I enjoyed just strolling around the room at night like I was thinking about something important. Yes, trust me, many more hotels in your future.
    You’re going to be fine with the decision. If you would be miserable in any of these places, they wouldn’t still be on the list. This is the sort of problem you want to have. Try to take a little pressure off yourself by keeping in mind that you really can’t make a wrong decision here. Good luck, keep me posted.

  2. Omg hotels are one of my absolute favorite things, especially staying in them by myself. I loved this entry! Good luck with grad school, I know you’ll be happy with whatever you choose.

  3. also, I have a new book recommendation for you if you’re looking for some good chick lit. Kristy loaned it to me and I was through it in 2 days tops.
    The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer. It’s such an easy read and its a novel idea. I think you’ll really like it.

  4. Aww, sounds like a cute book. I’ll definitely add it to my summer reading list! I’m almost done with all the true blood books.

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