Viva la StimuLITE!

Hyper_Red_LED Yesterday was a bittersweet day in the life of Karen with a K. This semester I'm in a business plan class, namely engineering entrepreneurship 2 (I'm minoring in entrepreneurship by the way). We began the course by pitching ideas, 6 were chosen, and we formed teams of 5 people to begin developing them into a viable business. This class is known for being the class with the highest work load of the engineering school. Our teacher even made us sign a contract that we realized that and promising that we would not withdrawal after the first class.

So, I spent a lot of time with my group. And I've never had a group that I've enjoyed working with as much as I have been. Everyone does what needs to be done for the most part. No one is nagging me to do stuff or over-reminding me about everything like other groups who will not be named. Our personalities mesh, it has been a good time. I could see us making a good team in a real company setting down the road. I have never had an entirely good group before in a group project and I think I finally found one. 

Moreover, I spent a lot of time with other groups, watching them present their ideas every week – seeing things take shape (Developing crushes on nameless nerdy engineers). 

Yesterday was the culmination of the semester. We all presented our plans in front of a team of investors. And we were all so good. Every group was spot on – giving the best performance that they have all year. I was proud of us all. Despite how hot with nervousness I was taking on the panel's questions (they really grilled MY team….), I'm really going to miss that class (especially the free Hawaiian pizza). 

Now all that is left is the shouting – aka a huge amount of writing. But don't worry, there's an after party a week from today. Just got to make it to then! 

8 responses to “Viva la StimuLITE!

  1. i must know, what is this stimulite that you designed?

  2. Congratulations (to the whole class)! You and your group did a great job on your presentation, and overall, I think everyone in the class did well.
    We still have quite a bit of work on finalizing the plan and doing the academic endnotes, but the pressure is finally off.
    Look at the fish!

  3. but did you ever manage to get a discounted sweater at THE GAP???

  4. In brief, it’s an implant that used red light to heal cartilage in the spine for patients with degenerating discs.

  5. alas, no. Thanks for reminding me. Negotiations fail.

  6. Yeah, tomorrow is a big End Note Day! Oh Joy! Hopefully the west philly riots are over by then. These high schoolers need to get to bed.

  7. Awwww! It is kinda sad that this whole shindig is almost over. Sorry I’ve been generally flaky since Wednesday. I promise to be very useful Tuesday!

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