Going Going Gone!

DSC01276 I am now an official graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor of science in engineering degree – bioengineering major and engineering entrepreneurship minor. Woo?

The ceremony was actually pretty nice, especially the procession. We walked on Locust from 39th St. to 33rd St. and then on to Franklin Field. I was surrounded with people all wearing the same goofy cap and gown set as me and loving the feeling. I felt so accomplished and even more so when Amy Gutmann pronounced my degree official and the engineering section got to hoot and holler. 

It was a great day and I can't believe it's over, graduation, penn, everything. I've really grown so much during my time there and learned more about myself (and, ya know, bioengineering!). Although, I'm glad I'm taking a detour to grad school instead of jumping straight to corporate America. I feel like it'll give me a chance to still be a little irresponsible every now and then. 

As much as I feel this day should be captured into words and great encompassing statements said, I don't really think I can do that. It hasn't sunk in. Goodbyes don't really feel like anything or give any sense of closure. But I know a part of me will always belong to Penn. I hope I get to come back and visit soon.

and woo! I have a degree! 

One response to “Going Going Gone!

  1. Stephen McKenna

    I know what you mean. Everyone asks how I feel but I really can’t say. I’m still worried about the future so I can’t get super excited, but if I wasn’t, I’d still be unable to explain the feeling. I am more upset that a lot of friends are leaving and I’m still here.
    – steve m.

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