From Beneath You it Devours

Dear America, 

I just spent four years working my butt off to graduate from an ivy league engineering school. During that time, I spent my summers working in great jobs that padded my resume and helped me get into a fine graduate school. In fact, I'll be getting paid to go to graduate school. Why can't I get a minimum wage job in West Virginia?



In all seriousness, I went on my first job interview yesterday morning. I feel like they asked me silly questions that I threw back at them. For example – What would you do if you caught a fellow employee stealing from the store? I replied, I would do whatever I was instructed to do during my training, but it would most likely involve telling some kind of supervisor, right? I feel like I did that "I would do what I was trained to do" bit a couple of times, but I just think this role playing thing is a little unnecessary right? I am a hard worker, I can follow directions, I am not psycho, I get my shit done – give me a job or not. 

All the other applications involved me filling out a 45+ minute questionnaire rating my personality on different levels. I might has well been making a profile. It's all so pointless. Maybe it helps weed out some people, but I feel like it's an insult to my intelligence at this point. 

I'm sure this entry makes me sound like a snob. Times are tough and people just aren't hiring extra people for the summer. I know, I know. It won't be the end of the world if nothing comes my way. I mean, my parents are retired and not exactly doing anything either. It would just be nice to earn some extra cash. 

I really don't know if I want this job I interviewed for or not. I guess that means it is win – win, whatever happens.  

6 responses to “From Beneath You it Devours

  1. Or, it’s lose-lose…either you get rejected, or you have to do a job you don’t really want to do. But I’m generally a half-full glass kinda guy.
    Summer before I went to law school (I was about to go to an Ivy law school for christ’s sake!) the job I got was working maintenance on a golf course. Which meant a)getting up at 4:30 in the morning every day to get eaten alive by gnats b)making very little money and being so exhausted after work that I couldn’t take advantage of the free golf, and c)working exclusively with absolutely skull-numbingly stupid redneck perverts, who were probably the only people to even GO to high school (unsure if they ever graduated) in their branchless family tree, and illegal immigrants, who probably knew longer and more complicated English words than the rednecks, in spite of not actually being able to speak English. Fucking ridiculous.
    Anyways, you said leave you love, here’s the love.

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain. But, if that was love I’d hate to see what I’d get if I’d asked for something more negative.

  3. Haha glad to know we aren’t alone in the world. EVERYONE I have talked to is in this same boat.

  4. good luck with the job hunt big big! ❤

  5. Thanks! In the last 24 hours I seem to have accumulated 2 jobs. I’m going to have to blow one off I think.

  6. I’m really just mad at society. It’s society’s fault that I feel guilty not having a job. I’ve been perfectly content doing what I’m doing. Don’t make me get up tomorrow : (

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