What I’m Really Doing With My Life

Netflix Basically the excitement and saving grace in my boring Summer life right now is Netflix. I started the service because my pal Jules gave me a month long free trial in the middle of may when I was done with finals and basically waiting around in Philly with nothing to do until graduation day. Netflix has a lot of online content (Namely, all those lame disney shows that I still like) you can stream whenever. 

Now that I'm home I'm getting the most out of the service I can and basically getting a new DVD to watch every day. Even though in essence I'm spending money, I've decided to use Netflix as a way to save money by no longer buying DVDs. I'm often tempted by the five dollar bins at Walmart and Target to buy 'pretty good' movies that I'll maybe watch once a year. And don't even get me started on seasons of TV shows. Netflix costs less than one new DVD would cost a month, and maybe a third of the cost of buying a season of a show depending on what kind of plan you have. It's already paid for the first 2+ months because I rented True Blood season 1 instead of paying 35 bucks for it. I really doubt I'll be rewatching that any time soon and since then I've gotten oh so much more. 

Even though I don't always listen to the Netflix recommendations, it has been quite amusing to rate movies I've seen and see how it thinks I'll rate other movies. And I've also recently learned you can 'friend' people and stalk their queues and recent ratings! Netflix has really become my other job. I get anxious when I don't watch my DVD the day I get it because it puts off when I can get a new one. Entertainment is probably not meant to be this stressful…. 

In the future I plan on using this instead of buying cable (since I'll be living on a poor graduate student budget) or most DVDs that may tempt me. With Netflix, Hulu, and other less legal sites (smirk) I'll be able to watch whatever show or movie I could ever want to watch. 


One response to “What I’m Really Doing With My Life

  1. I felt the movie watching stress when I first got Blockbuster online haha but I’ve slacked off since then and now I barely even make it worth my while each month. If there was a BB at southridge though I would have no excuse to be lazy and slackish on renting.

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