Freaky Geeky Love

Freaks&Geeks105HemPeartShirt My friend recently lent me her Freaks and Geeks DVD collection. It was top ranked in my list of movies Netflix says I will 'heart,' and the loan saved me some valuable space in my 'Q.' The show really has a lot of great qualities which induced my seal of approval  of the show by the second episode: hottieJames Franco before he was really that hot, Seth Rogen funniness before anyone even knew him, James Segel looking hella cute and ten years younger, a trio of nerds (but cute nerds, not equally cool Buffy-esque evil nerds), an obese kid named Gordan that I can't not love, and a hard ass dad that reminds me of my own….only funnier because it's not me. 

But what really keeps me watching a series is some semblance of a love story. There has to be this pair that I root for. Even if a show has so much other sweet goodness and American flavor to offer, the love story is why I hit next episode at 1 AM instead of going to bed at a decent hour so I can be perky for work the next morning. Honestly, it's probably the only reason I ended up watching 3 seasons of the Office in the Summer of 2007 in the course of a week. 

In the case of Freaks and Geeks this pairing was Lindsey and Nick. James Segel has the googliest of googly eyes that made me melt when he looked at Lindsey. The fate of my obsession was sealed in the 'sex' episode when he told her he just wanted to hold her all night….awwwwwwwwwwww….RIGHT?!

But to be Mrs. Spoilsy, they quickly break up because Lindsey feels smothered by his affection. I think ever since then I was just so pissed I couldn't enjoy the rest of the short-lived series. At first thought, I believed I was mad just because Lindsey was being an idiot – rejecting quickly what so many girls dream of finding. But really, I think my somber mood was triggered more in how I relate to Nick's character.

I am so Nick. I fall too fast…and I can't help myself. When I meet a new person I'm excited and want to show the other person how excited I am. I want to spend time with them. I want to have 3 AM conversations discussing the meaning of life or how big the universe is or blackholes or whatever. I want to send texts that I was thinking of them. And I want them to be thinking of me too. I long to hold them all night long surrounded by flickering candles, as pathetic as that sounds. 

Even though my last three relationships have been relatively short, it took me an unnecessarily long time to finish their mourning processes. I put it all on the line. I get attached. I get hurt. In Nick I see a kindred spirit, so I have to hate Lindsey as I hate those guys that broke my own heart. Unfortunately, the series ended before we got to see what was going to happen with the Nick and Lindsey situation. So in that way, I feel incomplete. We'll just have to wait and see what's in store for this hopeless romantic. 

4 responses to “Freaky Geeky Love

  1. Awww I felt the same way about the Lindsay and Nick breakup…it ruined the end of the series for me also. I too am the hopeless romantic like Nick and even now into an 8 month relationship I still find myself in the phase of wanting to text all the time and say all these meaningful things. I think that us true romantics in the world just have to bind together!
    When Nick tells her that he just wants to hold her hand I melt almost as much as I melt when Bill either says “Sookie, you are mine!!!” or this seasons version of the melt phrase “Sookie, you are my miracle!!” lol.

  2. Being a hopeless romantic’s not a bad thing. Gives us a better shot at falling when we need to.

  3. yeah – and I gave up the one guy who did that kind of stuff just as much as me. Even though the hopeless romantic thing makes me get hurt more, at least I don’t have any regrets. I put my all into every relationship I had.

  4. I usually agree with you – except for when I’m wasting tears on guys who weren’t worth it. But like I said above, at least I have no regrets.

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