My Missed Connection at BobE’s

6a00e552792fa288330111686001e8970c-800wi I think this post is the perfect transition from yesterday's when I confessed my hopeless romantic tendencies. And since Craigslist is kind of sketch and I'm not looking for e-mails soliciting adult activity partners, I will use this outlet to tell you about my 'missed connection' at Bob Evans restaurant. 

My parents have been arguing about cooking a lot lately (my father's stomach has been upset from stuff mom cooks and arguments ensue!), so to avoid more catastrophe, the family took Bob Evans by storm. Last time we ate there, our waitress was an overweight girl who was crying the whole time while her supervisor yelled at her. So, I wasn't expecting much in terms of the wait staff. But this waitor was super cute and super perky to be working at Bob Evans. He really seemed to enjoy life, and that gravitated me toward him, especially since I was sitting in silence with my parents. 

I did all you can really do in these situations – I smiled, made lots of eye contact – the usual. And I thought it may be working when he came over to the table to tell us a 'racy' joke. Really it was the lamest joke I ever heard, but I gave it a smile and nod. I tried to tease a little, but the parents really killed my mojo. 

As I was sipping my water while my dad payed up front, I'd kind of given up trying. But LO! As I was getting up to leave he gave me a box with 2 slices of blueberry bread in it. Had he noticed that I'd eaten that instead of the banana bread earlier? When I got in the car I assumed there'd be a number or SOMETHING in the box. That's how these things happen right?

But alas, the box just had the bread. Nothing more. I actually just savored one of the slices before writing this entry. And as I was microwaving I searched every inch of the box again for some clue to this waitor's identity. I'm kicking myself for not at least leaving my own number. I'm not good at sealing the deal in these chance encounter situations….I'll just have to blame my parents for this 'Fail.' 

Now I can only hope that fate will intervene, and the next time we dine at BobE's, he will be there, and I won't blow it. At the very least, I want more blueberry bread. 

2 responses to “My Missed Connection at BobE’s

  1. We shall return when I am back in good ole WV. Anyways though, I had a thought….while its a stretch he couldve been super creative and organized the blueberries in a phone number pattern lol!

  2. awwe that was so sweet of him! kare bear, you’re hott stuff 🙂

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