Turning Boredom into a Sims 3 Review. I’m Clever Like That.

sims3pcscrngymint_610x342The life of sloth-dom is starting to lose its luster, folks. I mean, yes, I have a job, but it’s really only 20-25 hours on a good week. During the school year I come home to people. There was always someone around to distract no matter what the hour. Here, I come home to my parents and basically hide out in my room and watch Netflix DVD’s, cruise the Internet for trashy articles and new web applications to test and review in my head, or play the Sims 3. The latter, while entertaining, makes me feel completely lame. I’m literally so inactive that controlling imaginary avatars in a virtual world passes for my life.

I guess it’s not so bad. My virtual son did make the honor roll and is a virtuoso due to his toy keyboard playing during todderlerhood.

But while I poke fun at the lameness of playing the Sims – the third entry in the series does have something to offer. When I played it for the first time my immediate impression was, “So, what?” The game didn’t seem to offer much new meat to the table. But, the  developers DID fix so many annoying things about previous games. Once you play for a while and notice more and more of them, the purchase will be worth it.

One improvement is that the whole town is now seamless. You can go anywhere you want without having to wait 5 minutes staring at a loading screen. Also, your sims are a smarter in the sense that they don’t let themselves totally fall apart. If you are having fun in another room, your other sims will be smart enough to take care of their bizzzness so they don’t die. That makes the game a lot more fun. You can focus more on the good things in life (dancing, writing novels, lots of woo hoo!) instead of keeping an eye at everyone’s bladder status to the point you forget your own. And the final thing I’m going to highlight is the game’s connectitude online. That means bug fixes! In fact, one just got fixed last week (the hyperspeed function didn’t work properly). Thanks for not making me have to always wait for the next game buddies at EA.

So if you find you don’t have enough life in your Summer (like me), I definitely recommend giving Sims 3 the old college try. It’s kind of like that Surrogates movie. Live the life you’ve always wanted through virtual peeps.


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