Starting the Transition

Since my retail job ‘blessed’ me with a few days off this week, I decided to take a jaunt over to Charlottesville for the day to begin transitioning to what will soon be my new hood. On the way there the store called and said they needed me. Oopsie! I’m out of state,  bitches. And did I exaggerate about the length of my trek so they wouldn’t bug me until Friday? You bet I did, Chickadees.

With any trip, there are the inevitable highs and lows –  The highs being quite literal because I have had way too much caffeine for my already sensitive to caffeine body today. A coffee, a medium regular (GASP!) dr. pepper, small diet coke, and another small diet dr. pepper. And of course these so-called smalls and mediums were literally gi-freaking-normous because that is the American way. The last drink that sent me over the edge wasn’t entirely my bad though. Arby’s charged me for a soda even though I explicitly ordered water. And rather than argue for a buck (like bitches at the store do) I forced that sweet dr. pepper nectar down my throat. It sure did make Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone a bit more exhilerating.

The low involved me wandering around, lost out in the blazing Africanic sun looking for a building whilst being swarmed by pre-frosh. I don’t even go to UVa yet, but I can still be annoyed by pre-frosh, right? And it was so hot and gross I had to strip off some layers and my outfit was SO not as sylin as it was at 7AM. boo me.

I did get some stuff accomplished: tried out some mattresses, went in the DMV and quickly left because I have no proof of residence, moved a car load of stuff in to the new pad, and filled out my financial paperwork. I really like my apartment though and the roommate who was around today to help me a bit seems really friendly and easy going. Hopefully this craigslist connection will turn out to be a success? I’m often paranoid that the guys I’ll be living with will think I’m ruining their dynamic or something. But, life’s what you make it (so let’s make it rock?). To be continued, guys. I can’t believe I’ll be living their full time in less than a month!


2 responses to “Starting the Transition

  1. that’s so exciting! how many roommates do you have? are you close to campus??

    • I’m living with 2 second year med students, which works out because I’ll be a 10-15 minute walk from where I need to be it looks like. (according to google maps haha).

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