Income Supplementation

Ebay_FullThe excitement of my week has sadly come to a close. I’ve been selling some of my possessions on ebay to get some extra cash for moving and seeing Andrew in Orlando next week (HUZZAH!). It has been so fun stalking the auction outcomes, answering questions, and seeing how many ‘watchers’ I got. This week, after fees and shipping costs, I made 370 dollars! That is nothing to sneeze at since I make half that during a typical week at Kohl’s. Sitting on my bum watching people bid is a lot more fun that standing around dealing with the smelly* clothes people return to the store.

Really this ebay thing has been part of my mid year goal to reduce the clutter in my life. I have so many things that just sit around idly. I can imagine that these inanimate object have some secret awesome life (like Toy Story!), but that is probably a delusion. Getting even five bucks for something you don’t use is better than the value it’s giving you now (usually ZERO). I’m trying to be more realistic. There are clothes that I have that I dream of the day that they fit me better or start looking as awesome as I thought they used to or had imagined. There are little dinky mementos that clutter up the flat surfaces in my room. And let us not forget the books I know I’ll never read again.

I want to purge myself of this stuff as much as I can by either selling, giving away, or trashing them. I don’t need to carry around so much STUFF, especially when I’m preparing to move. This week I got rid of a dress, a trombone, a purse, an ancient camera, and 5 books. Hopefully this is only the beginning!


4 responses to “Income Supplementation

  1. I’m sure my dad totally wishes I would do the same but I’m not feeling so inspired yet, probably because I live so close to school. Perhaps next summer?

    • I understand. I’m a pack rat by nature, so it was hard at first to make myself….still is hard. But getting rid of the clutter is liberating. I think coming to terms with needing to move a lot of stuff drives one to let go a little faster though 🙂

  2. I’m still going back and forth on the Sookie books and their usefulness to me. They look so good all together in a stack, so right now they are closed listings but they are cluttering!

    • I haven’t listed them yet myself. The covers are too great. And I have the complete set! They’ll reside in the maybe column a little longer…

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