I don’t really know where to begin. I’ve been in Virginia 10 days now and it’s been pretty intense. My experience is probably pretty similar to other fresh college graduates starting their first job, but, being a graduate student is a crazy ride. There is just all this new stuff being thrown at you. You’re dropped in a brand new town where, if you’re like me, you don’t know anyone! You start new classes in a new school where you don’t know where anything is or how all the systems work. You have a brand new type of schedule and have to figure out how to balance time in both classes and lab. And to top all that off, you pay bills. I’ve gotten my phone bill, electric bill, paid rent, acquired car insurance, and got a Virginia licence, registration, and inspection for my car. It’s crazy. I thought I basically knew what to expect with the whole grown up thing, but it seems like every day something new is thrown my way. Today it is dental insurance and yesterday it was finally acquiring a real, grown-up mattress. I may still look like a fifteen year old most days, but Karen is growing up (whether I like it or not).

My room is finally almost done – I just need to unpack a couple more odd boxes.  And for the first time I can say my room is awesome. I love my furniture and my stuff uses the space really well. My goal was to have a room that I could look forward to coming back to, a room that I have space to work in, but is also not cluttered and busy. I wanted a room that was more grown up looking, but still showed my quirky/nerdy side a little. Most of all, I wanted a room that could be an enjoyable retreat from the stresses of the world. I think I somehow pulled this off. One of my roommates came in a few minutes ago pronouncing it ‘gorgeous’ so I think my planning this summer really payed off. I’ll try to post a pic or two for my friends far away this weekend.

Now that I’m settled, expect more frequent updates again. Good luck to everyone starting school or starting a new adventure right now. I can sympathize.


One response to “Kablammy!

  1. Awww yay for the new room being all set up! I anxiously await the pics.

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