The Anywhere But Here Game of Desperation and Woe

PeterPanLowI think the worst part about being in this new place is the feeling that my metaphorical wings have been clipped. I feel like I am some less awesome, not real version of myself. I feel like a vulnerable shell trying to find someone to accept me. Once that happens, I know I will start to fill up with the life and pep that I know is part of me. Unfortunately that all takes a while. The three words I use to describe myself are giggly, quirky, and nerdy. Right now I feel shy, desperate, and alone. How attractive is that! I’m pretty much any Dude’s worse nightmare right now.

I would kill to have a real conversation right now (where I’m being ME) – to go on an adventure – to get sloshed and dance like an idiot with my arms over my head to music that all sounds the same – to go to the dog track and hit on a bradley cooper lookalike – to eat Indian take-out and watch Gossip Girl with a kindred spirit – to binge on baked cheetos and watch the Bachelorette with my mom – to be truly inspired by what I’m doing with my life – to strap on 50 pounds of gear and touch the bottom of the ocean floor with my dive buddies- to…..

to be with someone who knows me and I him or her. That’s the bottom line. I’m tired of being dilute Karen…10X concentrated Karen is getting bored and restless. I fear what will happen if she doesn’t get her way for too long.


2 responses to “The Anywhere But Here Game of Desperation and Woe

  1. 1. Bradley Cooper stalking this weekend maybe since you tweeted that you’ll be in town?


    2. on the possibly related topics section of this journal entry is “Tim Allen is older but not neccesarily wiser”…..odd.

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