Me and the Gap have OFFICIALLY kissed and made up

You may remember this post and my fear that I may never be able to walk into the Gap with dignity again. Well, rest assured gentlereaders, I think all that has changed after my experience last Saturday.

It all started with two pairs of jeans I got for hella cheap during a fourth of July blow out sale. Since it was Summer, I didn’t really test the bad boys out until last week when I was working in the lab. For some reason, jeans are a nightmare for me. I have disproportionately long legs, so there are only a couple of stores that carry sizes for tall chicks to start with. Often, I have to suck it up and buy expensive designer-esque jeans to avoid the embarrassment of naked ankles. So, I thought I finally made it out ahead with my Fourth jeans only to have them stretch out like a mother-fucker within a few hours of wearing them. My perfectly fitting jeans turn into slouchy, baggy boy jeans. I guess it’s fine for the lab, but not really the sexy image I like to leave people with.

I recently heard that Gap had changed their jeans, so I decided to give them another go. I ended up getting one Perfect boot and one Sexy boot style – mixing it up a bit. I have to say, either the mirrors in the store were very flattering (which I think is often the case…call me a pessimist), or these jeans look SMOKIN on me. That, and my massive need for jeans that fit prompted me to suck up the 50-60 dollar price tag per pair, embrace the American way, and charge it.

Every time I’m in the Gap, I always have massive anxiety when they ask me about getting a gap card. It’s tempting, but…..yeah. How many credit cards does a chick need? This time they threw in a KICKER and said I’d get a free pair of jeans. I nervously bit my lip, knowing that I had to do it. There’s no way I could justify turning down a 50 dollar savings. Little did I know that some other crap was going on in that computer, because it took the fifty dollars off two times….saving me 100 dollars at the end of the day! Each pair of jeans was like 12 bucks! How did this happen?

I actually think something shady went on. But! I saved 100 bucks and can’t complain too much. I’ll try to forget the fact that this will be my fourth credit card this year. It sounds bad when I put it down here like this, but….rest assured that I’m not in debt and pay off my balances every month. NO MORE CARDS THOUGH KAREN, NO MORE. Whenever those cashiers talk about how much you can save, pull an Odysseus, put those fingers in your ear and say “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!”


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