The Nose Nose True Love

chimp-smell-rosesAs I hinted in ‘this post‘ about the clothes people return, every one has a unique, innate smell. Until I was confronted with so many smells at one time, I hadn’t really thought about it. Just having stuff be around you and your belongings for a few weeks and returning it leaves a sort of odor blueprint on you. When I opened a bag full of the returned items at Kohl’s,  a concentrated dose of that smell jizzed in my face, and it grossed me out a few times. One guy’s clothes smelled like a mixture of week old Chinese food, cigars, and body odor – a combination so horrid that I vommed in my mouth. As soon as the man left I immediately threw the bag and its contents in the dumpster (breaking lots of loss prevention store policies…oopsie) and proceeded to huff vanilla flavored body lotion until breathing became an issue. Of course, that was an extreme example.

A lot of people don’t smell bad, they just don’t smell good. Ever walk into somebody’s house and just feel ‘off’ about a smell? It’s not like they are reaking of sweat or poor hygiene, but there is something immediately unpleasant about it and you know you can not be totally comfortable there. Then I started thinking about friends, family, and former paramores (haha, I like that word). Almost all my friends smell appealing to me in the sense that I don’t notice it…but there are some new people I meet and I am slightly repelled by them for some reason, and I think often some innate smell is a factor here. I definitely see a correlation with smell in who I am attracted and not attracted to.

Now that I think about it, I think this smell thing is fascinating. It makes total sense in a animalistic evolutionary sort of way. It also makes me think hard about the things I think I’m in control of (attraction to a person, whether sexually or platonically) and how there is some deeper natural body chemistry that plays an important role. Love at first sight could really be love at first smell. It’s not as glamorous to think about, but it’s there, I’m sure of it.


2 responses to “The Nose Nose True Love

  1. I thought this entry would contain something about the smell fail of the weekend — the candles at Target. Here we are casually sniffing and next thing I know you’re slinking down the aisle looking green….haha. It was a scary turnaround though.

    • Ha! Yeah, I wish I remember what that scent was so I make sure to avoid it at all costs in the future. So, when are you going to start blogging?!!!!

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